As a counselling psychologist I am here to help and accompany you on your journey and I believe that within the safe and confidential boundaries of a therapeutic encounter I am able to offer you the opportunity to help raise awareness of what it means to be ‘you’.

Together we will explore what it means for you to exist in this world, look at and identify fears and anxieties and work together to overcome them. I am here to help you to investigate personal beliefs, values, hopes and dreams and assist you in coming to terms with a past that is carried into the present.

Within the therapeutic encounter we will work together on discovering new ways of relating in the world and raise awareness to the possibility of both change, choice and taking responsibility as well as looking at ways that help you identify and challenge the difficulties you have experienced.

Since I come from an existential phenomenological educational background, in therapy with me we will focus and look at your own unique and personal experience, how you have come to find yourself where you are- right now- and then look at the possibility that you may be in a constant process of becoming, ever changing, but always in relation. I believe that through finding a better understanding of yourself and how you both exist and relate in the world with others, you will be able to enhance existing and build healthy relationships in the future.

When you feel that you have gained a more thorough understanding of what it means to be you and how you find yourself in the world we can look at building a future that is filled with personal meaning, and- this is where it all comes together- you will be able to pave and continue on your way to your life well lived!

So, why don’t you drop me a line and leave me your email address, I am happy to hear from you and am ready  to embark on this quest with you.