What does it mean to live life well? Well, that’s exactly what I am hoping to find out!

I am a counselling psychologist, so I am all about living well and feeling good and, you know, being authentic and all that, but while those things are easy to say and write down, in my experience, they are much harder to achieve, let alone, maintain.

It seems to me that in this day and age it is all about living well, being happy and feeling fulfilled and while of course that sounds like a wonderful thing to be able to achieve, sometimes, the pressure I feel to be all zen and content is not only terribly exhausting but also leaves me feeling, well, actually a bit frustrated and unhappy.

So, what I decided what I want to explore here is what it actually means to live well, and since we only ever really know what it means for us personally, I am going to share a bit about my journey, my bumpy ‘road less travelled’ and who knows, maybe some of it will sound familiar, will make you think, maybe make you laugh or go, oh- what on earth is she thinking?!

So, come on with me, walk and talk- one of my favourite things to do, and let’s see where the road will lead.